Our Sustainable Policies


Kennyworks has put in place an effective CASHES policy which carefully addresses all the risks to our operations and activities and the potential impact on our host communities.

The management team are committed to this policy, and it is mandatory.

The policy constitutes good work ethics and practices

In compliance with the above, it is the company’s policy to:

Manage all CASHES matters effectively·        

Establish and sustain cordial relationships with the host communities.

Protect and preserve the integrity and security of Kennyworks assets.

Encourage a corporate culture where employees share in the ideals of

our CASHES policy.


The community affairs policy shall rest on the creation of a good and cordial relationship between and among

Kennyworks as a corporate entity, its employees and indigent residents of our host communities.

It is part of our community affairs policy to resolve any conflict with our host communities by dialogue.

We place great respect and value on the traditions and culture of our host communities.

We would minimize to the barest minimum, the impact of our operations in our working environment and also engage the host communities to enlighten them on the benefits of our projects.

We will also sensitize them on the awareness of health safety and environment matters.


Kennyworks health policy is focused on the protection of our employees, members of the host community, and other parties/stakeholders.

We protect them from all forms of hazards that could be associated with our


In this regard, we shall ensure:

>Proactive steps are taken to protect the health of our employees, host

>communities and third parties.

>Strict compliance with the use of PPE’s by our employees and all

>related parties associated with our projects.

>Training and compliance with first aid procedures.


It is the policy of Kennyworks to promote and encourage the awareness and protection of the environment.

We ensure that all waste generated during the execution of projects are collected, handled, treated and disposed

properly in line with environmental safety guidelines. 

As a rule, we ensure that:

>Dumping of waste into creeks, rivers, vegetation, etc. is prohibited in every aspect of our operations.

>A good housekeeping policy is adopted by ensuring that all tools, equipment and materials are

kept in their proper place.

>All hazardous chemicals are properly disposed in accordance with the Federal Ministry of Environment’s

guidelines and regulations.


Kennyworks is committed to the security of its personnel, host communities and

its assets and properties.

In view of this, it is the policy of the company to:

>Ensure appropriate access control/measures are put in place.

>Discourage any form of theft or incident of pilfering.

>Update employees regularly on security measures and situations.


Kennyworks corporate quality management policy operations/activities are planned and executed in a manner that exceeds clients’ expectation by providing world-class products and services using global best


All our projects undergo strict and rigorous quality assurance surveillance and audit by our project quality management personnel.

It is our policy to offer services in accordance with the dictates and regulations of all

relevant regulatory bodies on quality assurance and control.